Gooooood morning!!!

We are so happy today because we have some great news for you guys!
Anew game is coming soon on your iPhone and iPod Touch; “History Trivia”.
Our first quiz is finally ready after 8 months of hard work. The has been already
submitted to Apple for approval and is going to be released the following days.
We have also updated Meraklis!
The game has been redesigned with awesome new graphics and more levels.
“The Great Adventures of Viking Meraklis”has been submitted to Apple and is going to be released the following days.
“Budget Flow” and “iΠαραδάκι” have also been update too.
The v3.5.0 of “Budget Flow” is already available for download and the v2.0.0 of “iΠαραδάκι” is goinf to be released the following days with unicode characters support!

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