Budget & Cash Flow

BCF is an integrated expense tracker designed to help you track your expenses, income, bills-due and account balances. Striking advantage is the simplicity of use. No need to import data into dozens of fields or tabs. Just write the amount of money you have in your accounts in a bank, your monthly income (such as your salary) and your monthly expenses. This information is stored on your device and each time you start the application all information will be displayed in front of you. As a result whenever you need to know your exact financial situation just run this app from your iPhone or iPod Touch; it’s that simple!

With BCF it’s very easy to organize your finances on the road, wherever you are, at any time! Without having to connect to the internet just grab your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and calculate your monthly budget. It’s ideal for one person or for your entire household finances.

Key Features:
– A specially designed universal app that runs seamlessly on both iPhone and iPad
– Beautiful, simple and simple to use
– You do not need to connect to the Internet or create an online account like other apps
– Your data is password protected and it is only accessible to you
– Revenue, Expenses, Savings
– Percentage (%) of the cost relationship between your expenses and the available cash
– Half-yearly chart
– User Page (ID, Passport, etc.)
– Car / Bike (save where you’ve parked, the app makes use of the device’s GPS)
– Notes (pin, codes, etc.)
– Calculations Page
– Tips to improve your finances
– Quotes

iOS release date: 18/11/2011
(also known as “Budget Flow” and “Money & Budget”