Gofretor’s update

The latest update for “Gofretor – A Viking’s Saga” has been released. This patch is mandatory and includes the following additions & changes.


  • Added support for Greek language
  • Refinement in the code to run smoothly on XBOX Series S|X
  • Various bugs and glitches were fixed
  • A rare crash was fixed when the game was running full-screen on Windows 10
  • Rebalancement of levels and Bosses
  • Improved AI in various enemies
  • Added Save/Load mechanism
  • Improved the quality of Music and SFX
  • Added Keyboard Support for either XBOX or Windows

Gofretor: Smooshy Gofreta

A new update codenamed “Smooshy Gofreta” is going to be released the first week of February. The version number will be probably v1.0.20.

The patch will include:

  • [fix] music theme bug
  • [fix] secret codes input
  • [addition] greek language support
  • [change] message boxes appearance
  • [improvement] sounds and music have been resampled to higher quality
  • [fix] WIN10 crash and full screen issues

Gofretor’s first update!

Today I released the first update with the codename “Crunchy Gofreta” and version number v1.0.18 for XBOX Series S|X, One and Windows.

This update includes:

  • [fix] progress frame missing texts
  • [change] pause is triggered by “start” button rather than A+B
  • [change] new game icon
  • [addition] vibration added
  • [improvement] sound effects have been radically improved
  • [fix] rotation of weapons animations has been fixed

New game!

Our latest game “Gofretor – A Viking’s Saga” has been released. It’s available as console exclusive for Microsoft XBOX Series S|X and One models. Fin more information here.

A mobile version will be released for iOS and iPadOS devices the following days.

Gofretor’s first gameplay video

Gofretor – A Viking’s Saga” is a retro-stylish 16bit platformer game, exclusively for Microsoft’s Xbox (One, One S, One X, Series S, Series X) which is going to be released on February 2021. The video is taken from the v1 build384 running on an Xbox One S. The game runs smoothly at ~40fps, although in these retro games fps doesn’t matter because the animations and the transitions are very limited and the enviroment is 2D.

Game features:
– 11 levels
– in one of the levels Gofretor uses a helicopter and shoots down enemies
– 4 secret levels
– 4 Bosses
– 17 type of enemies
– a couple of NPCs that help you throughout the game
– 4 weapons (axe, double-axe, fireball, sword)
– 2 difficulties
– Many secrets (ie. hidden rooms, alternative ending, secret codes)
– 16bit graphics
– left-to-right scrolling mechnism
– 5 layers with parallax effects
– chiptune soundtrack


Unfortunately I’m temporarily stopping all current development on new apps & games, updates and website maintenance due to #covid_19 pandemic. This affects the release of “Gofretor” for #xbox as well as two more games for #xbox and #windows. Also, a new app for #ios is on hold too. 😢 I’m not abandoning the projects! I have to focus on my day job for the moment and I’ll resume the soonest possible. I’m an indie developer and the coding of games and apps is a side-job. Sorry, to all of the people who support my effort; I know that I promised a release of “Gofretor” in early November but the situation right now is altering my plans. Kind regards, Akis 😎