Gofretor’s update

The latest update for “Gofretor – A Viking’s Saga” has been released. This patch is mandatory and includes the following additions & changes.


  • Added support for Greek language
  • Refinement in the code to run smoothly on XBOX Series S|X
  • Various bugs and glitches were fixed
  • A rare crash was fixed when the game was running full-screen on Windows 10
  • Rebalancement of levels and Bosses
  • Improved AI in various enemies
  • Added Save/Load mechanism
  • Improved the quality of Music and SFX
  • Added Keyboard Support for either XBOX or Windows

Gofretor’s first update!

Today I released the first update with the codename “Crunchy Gofreta” and version number v1.0.18 for XBOX Series S|X, One and Windows.

This update includes:

  • [fix] progress frame missing texts
  • [change] pause is triggered by “start” button rather than A+B
  • [change] new game icon
  • [addition] vibration added
  • [improvement] sound effects have been radically improved
  • [fix] rotation of weapons animations has been fixed


Unfortunately I’m temporarily stopping all current development on new apps & games, updates and website maintenance due to #covid_19 pandemic. This affects the release of “Gofretor” for #xbox as well as two more games for #xbox and #windows. Also, a new app for #ios is on hold too. 😢 I’m not abandoning the projects! I have to focus on my day job for the moment and I’ll resume the soonest possible. I’m an indie developer and the coding of games and apps is a side-job. Sorry, to all of the people who support my effort; I know that I promised a release of “Gofretor” in early November but the situation right now is altering my plans. Kind regards, Akis 😎

We’re back!

Our batteries are full!

The team is back! We’re full of new ideas and we’re working on the final details of “Today – on this day in History” which is going to be released on September 12th. Also, “Budget Flow 2” is going to have a new GUI screen resolution and many bug fixes. The update v33 is released the following days. Stay tuned 🙂

Vacation mode ON

From July 31st to August 29th we’re on vacations!

Summer is finally here! As you’ve probably guessed it’s our favorite time of the year. The team is going to have a month off to rest and enjoy summer. We wish you to have fun and enjoy your vacations too. We will return with fresh ideas on September 🙂

Major updates are coming!

July is very near, we’re in the middle of the summer. The programming team decided to give every single app we have on ios & android a face-lift in order for you, our beloved users, to have the best experience. These updates are starting on July 3rd and they will finish on July 30th. Stay tuned!

The 7th year of Budget Flow 2 (or aka iΠαραδάκι)

7 years???
BF2 was released worldwide in January 13th of 2012.

So it was Friday the 13th 2012 when BF2 was listed on Apple’s appstore. It immediately caught the eye of hundreds of iPhone users. Since then we try to update it regularly and we achieved to have it on the top of the finance sector in the Greek appstore.

Today, we announce the v5.6 version of the app that includes:

  • NEW FEATURE! Transactions were added. You can know keep track of your daily expenses.
  • NEW FEATURE! Export your transactions to .CSV format (Excel compatible)
  • Exchange rates GUI redesigned. You now have the option to select either dollars or euros.
  • New shortcuts were added in order to jump faster between frames.
  • A problem with iPhone 6 devices has been fixed (the app was crashing in the beginning)
  • Profile photo bug has been fixed.
  • Many other minor bugs and glitches have been fixed.

The v5.6 will be released on Friday 1st of 2019. Stay tuned!