Classic Snake

Our favorite game in the early cellphone days (’90s) is back! Play this classic game specifically designed for Xbox One and remember the old days. Classic Snake is hard and addictive so be prepared to spend many hours on it. Are you ready?

The player controls the snake (which is either a dot, square or object – depending on the theme) on a bordered plane. The player attempts to eat items by running into them with the head of the snake. Each item eaten adds points to player’s score and it makes the snake longer, so controlling is progressively more difficult. The player loses when the snake runs into the screen border, a trail or other obstacle or itself.

  • Retro graphics
  • Retro samples & music theme
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • 10 game themes
  • Add obstacles’ overlay for even greater difficulty

The website mentioned our game and had a short interview with D. Christodoulou in one of their articles (19/01/2019). You can read it here or download in pdf format here.

Also, in one of their webcasts (16/01/2019) , the website mentioned our game. Click here to listen to their webcast on youtube or listen to the corresponding excerpt below.

Xbox store: 10/01/2019