Meraklis DEMO has been released!

Our first game is almost done and is called “Meraklis” 🙂
It’s a platformer game in which you take the role of a cute guy from Greece called Meraklis. Meraklis although he’s not so fit he can run very fast and throw fire-balls (!!!). He love money, so he’s on a race to collect every single golden coin available in the island where he lives. The game will be available firstly for Apple’s ios devices (iphone, ipod touch, ipad running ios3 and above) and windows. Then we will release a mac version (Mac OS X Leopard and above), a flash, a linux (ubuntu) and a java standalone version.

All the versions of Meraklis are FREEWARE! We won’t sell this game, it’s free.

The game (ios, windows) will be released in September. For the moment you take a sneak peek of the game by downloading the demo for windows. Take care and have fun 🙂

And the name is….

Psarokokkalo Mikroefarmoges!!!!

Which stands for “fishbone micro-software” if you translate it from greek. The logo is not ready yet but Harris is working on it and soon it will be ready. The synthesis of the team is the following one:

lead programming & webmaster: Damian
programming, graphics & design: Harris
sound effects, tester, marketing: Stefanos

Psarokokkalo is targeting the smartphones market as well as PCs, MACs and tablets market.

Damian is testing the first beta version

After last nights six hour coding the first beta version of the Quiz is ready. I’ve installed it on my iphone and I’m testing it. The game is running so smooth and the controls are quite good but not perfect. I’ve asked some friends and colleagues for their opinion and thoughts. They helped us a lot. The touch controls are quite jerky for the moment and after the randomizer commands are done I will start working on it. Stefanos is on a question safari ’cause for the moment only four questions (!) exist. Harris is issued the mission to bug hunting.

Yap! After three years, a brand new game is on the way!!!

Well… well… well… We’re very proud to announce that our brand new video game, “Quiz Gnoseon” (Quiz Γνώσεων), is under construction………

– 120 questions
– 6 categories (geography, sports, history, movies, music, art)
– high scores table
– 2 diferent modes (quiz / category play)

It will be available firstly for iphone and then for windows, mac, linux and maybe flash.

More information soon 🙂

Twelve years is just the start!

Our story goes back twelve years ago -1999- when one December’s evening Stefanos, Damian and Harris decided to start programming their first video game. A really simple shoot ’em up game called “Rallego” based on a funny idea which came out of the blue while chatting and having fun. This small game was such a huge success among our friends that initiated our interest in coding and since then we created more than a hundred applications and videogames that were mostly given to friends and people who were interested in from hand to hand and only one or two were released online under various “brands”.

Today, twelve years after we continue to program apps and we’re more excited than ever!

These days we’re talking about our new brand name; “black wizards’ software” unfortunately is not suitable and we’ll have to change it after so many years…