17000 downloads so far!!!

We are proud to announce that we’ve almost reached 17000 downloads worldwide in 3 months!!! 🙂
The app that was downloaded the most is, of course, “Budget Flow 2” and the majority of the people live in the United States of America. Thank you all guys!
Also, iΠαραδάκι (iParadaki) was updated a couple of days ago to version 1.0.2
And we will update it to v1.0.3 the following days.
We are working also on a new version of BF2 that will add some new features…

New App!

Harris had a great idea a few days ago… It was about a small app that shows information related to your iDevice. The model, the iOS version, the display mode, the pixel shader etc. So, we add some more thing like the accelerometer and vibration tests and here you go!

The app was sent to Apple for approval and it will be available very soon 🙂

Budget Flow 2.0

“Budget Flow” has been removed from Apple’s App Store and its place is taking soon “Budget Flow 2”.

New Features:

– retina display support (way better graphics!)
– uiversal app (for both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad!)
– the notebook
– the GUI was redesigned