Budget Flow

Our new financial application for iPhone users is on the way!!! In a couple of days we will release this application on AppStore.

Also, a small update for “Meraklis” (1.2) is about to be released in a few hours. This update is focused on iPhone 3G and its “low speed”problem. We’ve managed to speed it up.

3000 downloads so far!

A huge success for our new game for iPhone/iPad “Meraklis LITE”. More than 3000 downloads in the first eight days from the official release in the appstore. We would like to thank you and we promise you that we will continue our effort.

A small update (1.1) was also released yesterday for “Meraklis LITE” in order to fix some bugs and to improve the speed for those people that use iPhone 3G.

Akis and Harris are also working on a new iPhone application the last two days. More information soon…

Meraklis LITE

A light version of “Meraklis” is going to be released very soon for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. We’ve just sent the app to Apple for approval 🙂 The PC (windows) version is going to be released in a couple of days. So, stay tuned!!!

Game progress

After many days at last we can inform you about the progress of our forthcoming game “Meraklis”.

For the moment the game engine, the majority of the graphics as well as the sound effects, the menus and the interface, most of the enemies and their AI are completed. Also, 30% of the game levels are done too. The game is designed simultaneously for iPhone, PC, MAC and Flash so everything goes a little bit slower. We’ve tested each version and only the ios version is buggy.

We believe that the game will be finished before Christmas. A linux version is about to follow but it won’t be earlier than 2012. See you soon!!!!